Monday, 20 January 2014

What Role Does The Part Exchange System Play In Volvo Penta Repair?

When you purchased a new engine for your industrial machinery, you may have noticed that your dealer offers a ‘Part Exchange System’ that guarantees to get you back up and running faster than a standard Volvo Penta repair. This may have left you with a number of questions – after all, if something is wrong with your engine, don’t you need a repair?

·         Less Waiting Time
The whole point of this system is to get you a part as soon as possible; at the first sign of a problem, you simply order the required component from your dealer. If they don’t have it already in stock, Volvo’s efficient shipping network will ensure that it’s onsite quickly. This means that you don’t have to wait like you do when booking in repairs.

·         Recycling Good Parts
Sometimes, when an engine is so far gone that it needs to be replaced, it still contains a number of usable parts. These components are placed into the Exchange System, where they are cleaned up into ‘like new’ condition and shipped out to customers when needed. If you are conscious of your effect on the environment, this program is for you.

·         Affordable Price
The good news is that replacing a damaged part through the exchange system doesn’t cost any more then a repair would. In fact, it could actually cost you less when you take into account the labor costs of having your dealer take a look at the engine (please keep in mind that some parts will need to be replaced by your dealer anyway).

·         Disposal of Parts
Once you have swapped the damaged part over for one that is working, all you need to do is send the defective one back to Volvo Penta where they will handle the disposal for you. They will also take the opportunity to inspect the component and determine why it may have failed to prevent it from happening again in the future.

So, if you are wondering what role the Part Exchange System plays in Volvo Penta repair, it is actually replacing it in many cases! If you simply don’t have the time to wait for a repair slot to become free, if you have an urgent job that you need to finish or if you have a little mechanical know-how, ordering components via this system is perfect for you!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Understanding The Benefits of Boat Repair and Maintenance Services

Boats are an important means of transportation and are also popularly used for spending leisure time with family, friends and loved ones. Proper and timely Boat repair and maintenance is very necessary in order to ensure their durability or to prevent any accident. Keeping them in good shape is very important for safety and security measures.
  • The damages are inevitable for boats as they always remains in contact with water due to which the inner wooden part of the boat deflate and causes a possible damage. Though some minor damage can be fixed manually but if the damages are serious then it is strictly recommended not to repair the damage on your own as it may lead to even bigger problem.
  • Find the right type of repair for your boat is therefore very important in order to ensure your safety and security.  The repair and maintenance work should always be performed by expert professionals having years of experience who knows how to put it back to its previous working condition. These professionals are technically sound and trained to maintain the functionality of your boat.
  • Repairing includes basic mechanical checks and repairs including oil changes, fuel injector testing, cooling system maintenance, propeller reconditioning and restoration etc. Over the past few years, there are numerous companies set up all across the country that offers the maintenance services.
Availing the services of these companies is very beneficial as they are well aware of all the technicalities of make the boat functional. These maintenance companies’ helps you in saving a considerable amount of time, money and energy and are therefore extremely popular all over Australia. However, it is always advised to perform a careful and a detailed research before availing the services of these companies.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Can You Repair A Cracked Block In A Volvo Penta Marine Engine?

When a Volvo Penta marine engine has been poorly winterized, you may find that it’s block develops small cracks. This does not mean that you have to invest in a new engine, however, as there are a number of ways that you can repair a cracked block. Not only will this help to extend the life of your engine, it will actually help you to lower maintenance and replacement costs.